About the Canadian ELD mandate—so far

Fred Fakkema, Vice President of Compliance, Zonar By Fred Fakkema
VP of Compliance, Zonar

As of June 13, 2019, the Canadian ELD mandate is final. However, federally regulated, commercial fleets in compliance with the U.S. ELD mandate won’t necessarily be in compliance with the Canadian ELD mandate, even though the two feature many of the same provisions. There are significant differences.

For the 20 to 30% of U.S.-based fleets, and more than 150,000 Canadian-based fleets ,that regularly cross the border, the mandate will have a significant impact. If this includes your fleet, read on.

Key takeaways you need to know

One of the biggest differences between the two ELD mandates is the need for third-party verification. Canadian ELD requires it; U.S. ELD does not. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) allows U.S. ELD providers to certify their own devices and technology.

Problem: Doing so makes it difficult for those using the technology to know whether or not the ELD actually complies with requirements. In 2017, the FMCSA found that approximately 300 ELD devices in the U.S. failed to be compliant.

Even today, some carriers still have problems with ELD technology, particularly around data transfer, because providers are allowed to certify their own devices instead of also being certified by a third party.

Canadian ELD hopes to avoid such problems by requiring that each ELD is certified by an accredited certification body. Fewer devices are expected to be certified and deemed compliant—and therefore available for carriers.

The deadline for compliance with the Canadian ELD mandate is June 12, 2021. Canadian ELDs are expected to be developed, tested and certified, and carriers are expected to have them installed by the deadline. The Canadian ELD Mandate will begin with an enforcement rollout, involving education and awareness only; no penalties to carriers at the start of the mandate. But carriers are still required to be compliant.

Unlike the U.S. ELD mandate, the Canadian ELD mandate will not grandfather in AOBRD devices beyond June 12, 2021. If your fleet’s still using AOBRD, now’s the time to move to ELD to ensure compliance with both mandates. Zonar will be certified and compliant by that deadline.

Planning your next steps

When the time comes, partner with a provider that worked with Transport Canada, Canadian Trucking Alliance and CCMTA on certification if you can. That provider will be better equipped to set you and your fleet up for a successful transition and ensured compliance.

Such an ELD provider will also help you:
  • understand the differences between the two mandates
  • know if one or more exemption applies to your fleet
  • develop a law-enforcement checklist to guide drivers through roadside inspections

Also, partner with a provider that offers more than just ELD devices. Research that provider’s industry credibility and longevity. If possible, partner with a provider that has its own in-house team of compliance experts who’ll work with you to understand and adhere to all applicable nuances of both ELD mandates.

Now’s the time to move to choose the right ELD provider to ensure compliance with both mandates because there’s no indication the Canadian ELD mandate will accept all devices that currently only comply with the U.S. ELD mandate. Besides, now that you’re (hopefully) in compliance with the U.S. mandate, you may as well make sure you’re prepared for both.

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