Zonar and the Canadian ELD mandate

Fred Fakkema, Vice President of Compliance, Zonar By Fred Fakkema
VP of Safety and Compliance, Zonar

We’ll be compliant, will you?

If your fleet travels across the U.S.-Canada border, the deadline to comply with the Canadian ELD mandate is coming up. Effective June 12, 2021, the Canadian ELD mandate is similar to the U.S. ELD mandate, but features one main difference—the requirement for third-party certification. Updated technical standards to the Canadian ELD mandate were published in October 2020.

Zonar is ready and will be certified by the effective date. We’ll help you do the same.

Preparing from the start

We’ve been preparing for certification since the Canadian ELD mandate was initiated. We’ve worked with Transport Canada, the Canadian Trucking Alliance and CCMTA on certification since the mandate’s inception. Throughout the process, our in-house safety and compliance experts have provided input on the Canadian ELD Standards. Our team knows the mandate inside and out.

We’ve also had our U.S. ELD solution, Zonar Logs™, third-party certified so you feel confident that we’ll be ready for evaluation and found compliant by June 12, 2021. If your fleet needs to comply with the Canadian ELD mandate, we are best equipped to help you transition smoothly and successfully.

What to be aware of

Rarely does any new regulation hit the ground running perfectly. If your fleet needs to comply with the Canadian ELD mandate, keep the following points in mind.

  • The cost for certification is high, with an annual certification cost for ELD vendors as well.
  • Law enforcement hasn’t yet been trained on conducting and receiving ELD logs during a roadside inspection (as far as we know).
  • The Canadian ELD Mandate will begin with an enforcement rollout, involving education and awareness only; no penalties to carriers at the start of the mandate.

We’re ready to assist our customers and law enforcement officials. As we’ve seen with the U.S. mandate, a lack of law enforcement training can cause confusion and add downtime to the inspections. We hope to see more training take place before citations and penalties start being issued.

Why upgrading from paper to electronic logging now is so important

If your fleet use uses paper-based logging, upgrading to electronic logs now will better prepare you for the Canadian ELD mandate. Zonar Logs, which resides on Zonar tablets, already complies with U.S. ELD, offers Canadian HoS, and will be certified for Canadian ELD by the deadline.

Move to Zonar Logs now, and when the time comes, we’ll simply activate the account and tablets to the Canadian ELD for an even smoother, more seamless transition. Plus, your drivers can get used to using electronic logs before the Canadian deadline.

Resources to make the transition smoothly

We regularly provide resources to help you stay informed. Our regular webinars, updates and training from our industry experts are designed to help you prepare for a smooth, well-informed transition.

  • Understand the differences between the U.S. and Canadian ELD mandates.
  • Know if one or more exemption applies to your fleet.
  • Develop a law enforcement checklist to guide your drivers through roadside inspections.

Read up to move forward

Zonar Logs meets Canadian regulations for Cycle 1 and Cycle 2. It makes compliance easier for drivers and officers.
Read what our vice president of Safety and Compliance says about the Canadian ELD mandate.
Read our announcement in Transport Canada that we we’ll be certified by June 12, 2021.
Our team of safety and compliance experts will help you ensure your fleet is fully compliant with both mandates.

Free consultation

Keeping up with emerging regulations is difficult. Know how the Canadian ELD mandate will affect your fleet and make sure you’re ready. Contact us to set up a complimentary consultation with one of our safety and compliance experts.

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