Welcome them on board, safely.

Like a guardian for your bus fleet, only better.

Drivers, students and parents are nervous about riding again. Take steps now so they’ll all feel safer stepping back on board. We’ve pioneered proven solutions for nearly 20 years. No other provider will take health and safety on your school buses as seriously or is better equipped to help you navigate coming challenges. And yes, times are tough, but we can also help you think outside your budget so your fleet has what it needs.

Verified Inspecitons
The first patented electronically verified inspection and sanitization system
Touchless Solutions
Touchless solutions to protect drivers and student riders
Parent-facing app for tracking bus locations, changes and ETAs
Fleet Management
Professional resources, support, expertise and grant writing assistance

Start clean with verified sanitizations.

Standardize and electronically verify cleaning protocols.

Proper sanitization saves lives. Our Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting (EVIR®) system includes an inspection configuration that streamlines the process of following complex, detailed sanitization procedures.

  • Protect drivers with a touchless system that digitally captures results.
  • Ensure CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting are followed.
  • Document which areas are sanitized, when, by whom, and with which type of disinfectant.

All managed by drivers’ tablet and a secure online portal that reduce risk by eliminating shared touch points.

Clock in, clock out.

Track which vehicles each driver operates and has been operating, while also reducing paper costs. EVIR features a Clock In, Clock Out time & attendance configuration, which replaces paper time sheets. Drivers electronically punch in and out of their shift using the same in-cab tablet they use for inspections and sanitizations. Completely contactless. Completely paperless. And all driver data is securely stored in our online portal.

Protect everyone on board with touchless solutions.

Support contact tracing with digital rider visibility.

Zonar Z Pass® records the date, time and school ID number of every student on the bus. Know who rode which bus and when, so that if a rider tests positive for COVID-19, you can quickly notify the driver and appropriate parents regarding potential exposure.

  • Protect drivers and students with a touchless rider visibility system.
  • Support contact tracing strategies, so you can notify the right people of potential exposure if necessary.
  • Reduce everyone’s risk by enabling students to manage their own RFID cards.

Verify right student, right bus, right stop.

As student schedules and bus routes change, Zonar Verify™ protects riders by preventing wrong bus, wrong stop incidents. At each stop, passenger manifests are auto-activated and visible to drivers on their tablet for easy visual verification. If there’s an exception, Verify provides audible and visual alerts so the driver can take immediate action.

  • Use the same touchless hardware as Zonar Z Pass.
  • Enable all bus drivers to easily verify student riders.
  • Easily communicate and manage day-of bus changes.

Keep parents in the know about their child’s bus location.

Peace of mind goes a long way, especially now. Zonar MyView™ provides full visibility into bus locations and changes.

School districts use the MyView back-end portal to communicate bus changes, delays or breakdowns. And send COVID-related updates to parents’ phones.

Parents and caregivers use the MyView mobile app to locate their child's school bus, get instant alerts when their rider gets on and off the bus, and share access with authorized caregivers. Plus, avoid overcrowding at bus stops with custom alerts and push notifications.

Screen drivers for symptoms before every shift.

Have drivers complete a quick health questionnaire using our new Employee Symptom Checker on Zonar Forms™. Each questionnaire is timestamped and uploaded to Zonar Ground Traffic Control® for secure, digital recordkeeping.

  • Understand each driver’s health and well-being.
  • Know each driver’s current temperature.
  • Reduce risk of exposure for everyone they come into contact with.

Drivers use their own tablet to complete the form, and authorized personnel access the records online. No shared contact points.

Update Cummins engines, no mechanic, no cost.

A trip to the shop for an engine update can take days and require in-person hand-off. Instead, drivers and maintenance personnel can use our free Zonar OTAir™ mobile app to perform Cummins engine updates using their own mobile devices, on their own time—in as little as five minutes.

No tools, no hardware, no mechanics. And no cost.

Less downtime, less exposure. One less thing to worry about as you modify bus routes and schedules.

Design your new normal with expert resources.

As you design bus fleet’s new normal, you’re safeguarding drivers, students, parents and back office personnel under shifting regulations and best practice recommendations. At every turn, we’re here to support you. With nearly 20 years pioneering the industry, we’ve proven we understand your challenges and we’ll put you first.

Safety & compliance experts Work with our dedicated team of experts to stay current with regulations and guidance at federal, state and local levels.
Round-the-clock help If you need help or have a question, call any time, day or night. We’ll answer the phone 24/7/365—no cost.
Professional services If you need it, let’s build it. Partner with our in-house professionals to custom-build projects designed around your unique needs.

Ask us about grant assistance.

Budgets are limited. If you’re facing a shortfall for fleet management technology, ask our professionals about grant opportunities such as our Don Carnahan Memorial Grant and our Grant Assistance Program. We can connect you with grant writing experts who offer professional assistance from research to project implementation.

Questions? We’re here with answers. Let’s talk.