Safety drives us. Sustainability moves us.

Ambitious responsibility is our baseline.

Sustainability is where doing well and doing good intersect socially, economically and environmentally.

  • Socially: Our solutions enable professional fleets of every size to operate more safely. Our core values focus on treating our customers, partners and employees with respect. We also partner with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) to educate drivers and operators in saving lives.
  • Economically: Our leadership understands how our mission, technologies and corporate behavior affect others. We design, develop and update solutions based on customer feedback. We also strive to operate responsibly and set goals that make sense.
  • Environmentally: Our smart fleet technologies enable our customers to operate more efficiently and make the most of their resources, including fuel. We also work to tread lightly with our footprint in our daily operations.

Sustainability runs in the family.

Zonar is a proud member of the Continental family. Sustainability is anchored in the foundation and future of Continental’s values and drives a core value dear to the Zonar heart: innovation. Learn more about Continental’s sustainability ambition.
Good working conditions Good working conditions We provide inspiring, healthy and fair working conditions.
Innovation and digitization Innovation and digitization We continuously push innovations, new business models and a responsible digital transformation.
Safe mobility Safe mobility We strive for maximum safety in mobility with technological solutions envisioning zero road accidents and fatalities.
Long-term value creation Long-term value creation We focus on sustainable short-, medium- and long-term value creation for our stakeholders and a responsible distribution of the value created.
Sustainable management practice Sustainable management practice We implement effective management processes, fair business practices and responsible corporate governance with a balanced view of different perspectives.
Corporate citizenship Corporate citizenship As an active member of the communities we live and operate in, we are committed to make a positive impact on society beyond our business activities.

Safety and efficiency are who we are.

Overview Empowering fleets More than 20 years ago, Zonar was founded on safety for everyone. Today, we’re an industry leader with a proven portfolio of solutions that enable greater efficiency for fleets and safety for everyone on the road.
EV school buses Embracing EV school buses Pupil transportation fleets embrace EV school buses using core Zonar solutions plus strategic partnerships.
Fleet health Maximizing fleet health Fleets enhance efficiency and reduce costs by maintaining peak vehicle condition using Zonar fleet health and diagnostics solutions.
Optimizing fuel use Optimizing fuel use Customers use our real-world fuel tracking and analytics to minimize fuel costs, address excessive idling and maximize fuel usage.
Coach drivers Coaching better drivers Fleet and safety managers use data-based scores to coach drivers and operators to reduce fuel waste and prevent accidents.

Where we work reflects our commitment.

Sustainability ambitions are core to how we operate as an industry leader, including where we work.

  • The building that houses our downtown Seattle office is LEED Platinum certified, BOMA 360 certified, and has an Energy Star rating of 81.
  • That same building uses green energy, incorporates conservation initiatives, and participates in recycling and composting.
  • Flexible hours and hybrid working reduce our employees’ time in traffic and enhances their work-life balance.
  • We also chip in for parking and metro transit when traveling to our downtown headquarters.

How we recycle shows we care.

How we recycle shows we care.

Our fulfillment centers take measures to recycle paper, cardboard and returning product using responsible services.

  • We use a service that shreds and recycles minor office paper.
  • All cardboard goods are separated, broken down and deposited in a cardboard-only receptacle that’s picked up for us.

Our Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) department is responsible for cleaning, testing and overhauling returned Zonar equipment for resell as used equipment. What can’t be resold is processed and recycled.