Ready for the Canadian ELD mandate.

Stay compliant over the border and back.

For fleets that travel across the U.S.-Canada border, the deadline to comply with the Canadian ELD regulations was June 12, 2022. Full enforcement began on January 1, 2023. If your fleet is required to comply, you have limited time to outfit your fleet for compliance and train your drivers on using the new technology. Prepare now, avoid violations when the regulations start being enforced.

Canadian ELD is similar to U.S. ELD, but with a few key differences.

  • ELDs require third-party certification.
  • ERDs (AOBRDs) will not be grandfathered past the deadline.
  • ELDs must allow drivers to change operating zones, jurisdictions, cycles and off-duty deferrals. Motor carrier may propose an edit to an operating zone change, but the driver makes final decision.
  • ELDs must provide at least a 30-minute warning before the driver reaches a duty-hour or driving-hour limitation within current HoS regulations.

As a trusted, proven leader in ensuring HoS compliance, we’ve worked closely with the CCMTA and Transport Canada to achieve Canadian ELD certification. And we’re ready to help your fleet ensure compliance crossing the border each way.

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We’ll help you with every step


Rely on experts at every step.

Complying with Canadian ELD takes planning, expertise and the right technology. Our certified solutions and in-house, dedicated team of safety and compliance experts are ready to help.

  1. Planning: Choose your ELD provider. Build a plan to keep your fleet compliant on each side of the border.
  2. Implementation: Outfit your fleet with the required ELDs. Train fleet personnel to use them properly.
  3. Compliance: Ensure that your fleet and drivers are equipped and trained to adhere to Canadian ELD regulations.
  4. Improvement: Track usage, effectiveness and non-compliance incidents. Identify ways to make the most of your new solutions (ongoing).

Canadian ELD mandate timeline

Know what to expect moving forward.

Instead of issuing penalties for non-compliances through 2022, the CCMTA has agreements from provinces and territories, which will approach enforcement with a focus on education. That will change January 1, 2023.

  • Jurisdictions plan to support Canadian ELD regulations with progressive enforcement, including elevated education and awareness.
  • Jurisdictions will monitor the progress of certified ELDs entering the market as carriers and drivers make their transition toward June 12, 2022.
  • Carriers and drivers are responsible for complying with provincial and territorial regulations and requirements, which can vary.
  • Carriers and drivers are responsible for knowing the differences between Canada and U.S. ELD regulations—and complying with each.
  • Government of Canada will continue requiring third-party certification of ELD solutions to qualify for use in Canada.
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