Need to comply with the new PTASP rule?

Some public transit agencies do, others don’t.

If your transit system receives Urbanized Area Formula Grants program funds, the new rule by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) applies to you. Effective July 19, 2019, the FTA requires certain public transit agencies and all rail transit operators to develop safety plans. Known as the Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP) Final Rule, this rule requires these safety plans to include processes, procedures and performance targets for a safety management system (SMS). The FTA has extended the deadline to July 20, 2021—but agencies are still required to work toward compliance.

However, the PTASP rule does not apply to the following public transit agencies:

  • FTA fund recipients that don’t operate transit systems
  • commuter rail service regulated by the Federal Railroad Administration
  • passenger ferry service regulated by the U.S. Coast Guard

Also, the FTA may defer applying this rule for operators that receive funds through its:

  • Formula Grants for Rural Areas program
  • Enhanced Mobility of Seniors & Individuals with Disabilities Formula program

If you’re unsure if your public transit agency must comply with the PTASP rule, contact our team of safety and compliance experts. Read one transit agency’s story of how we’re helping them comply with the PTASP rule.

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Include vehicle inspections in your safety plan.

To make public transit as safe as possible, the PTASP rule focuses on the evaluation and mitigation of safety risks for the millions of riders who use public transit each day. And vehicle inspections are a key component of any agency’s safety plan.

No two transit fleets are alike, but each vehicle needs to be inspected thoroughly to:

  • identify potential safety issues
  • capture minor defects early
  • prioritize maintenance and repairs

You need an electronic verified inspection reporting solution that:

  • complies with DOT inspection regulations
  • ensures accurate vehicle inspections each time
  • captures the inspection results digitally
  • streamlines the inspection process
  • fits a variety of vehicles and mixed fleets
  • ensures compliance with sanitization procedures
  • adheres to the FTA’s safety advisory for cleaning and disinfection

EVIR® is the original verified inspection reporting solution.

Work with a team of safety and compliance experts.

Our dedicated safety and compliance experts understand the commitment to safety, know the PTASP rule and can help implement a vehicle inspection solution that fits your particular public transit fleet. And they’ll continue supporting you even after implementation. They can also work with you to review your safety program so that it’s effective and complies with PTASP requirements around vehicle inspections.

The PTASP deadline is July 20, 2021. Set up your complimentary consultation.