Zonar Docs - Cloud-Based Image Capture Solution

Zonar Docs Cloud-Based Image Capture Solution

Automate documentation process
Expedite payment recovery
Reduce operating costs
Provide real-time proof of delivery

Lead Your Fleet Into the 21st Century

Is your fleet still wasting valuable driving time making stops to scan or fax documents to the back office? With Zonar Docs, you can increase driver productivity, minimize paper use and improve your billing cycle.

Economic and Efficient

Zonar Docs provides an economic and easy-to-use, cloud-based image capture system. Capture everything such as bills of lading, freight invoices, proof of delivery, shipping documents, receipts (fuel, reimbursements etc.), safety documents, maintenance records, and photos of damage. Drivers will appreciate the convenience of being able to provide documentation to the back office in real-time. Administrators will appreciate eliminating the headache of lost paperwork and the benefit of reduced printing costs.

Zonar Docs™ Product Brochure Zonar Docs Product Brochure Increase driver productivity, minimize paper use and improve your billing cycle with Zonar Docs.

Bring Lightning Speed to Your Billing Cycle

With Zonar Docs, documents can be imaged and sent instantly to dispatch for processing. With immediate proof of delivery your fleet and drivers will get paid sooner. Automate driver paperwork, go green and improve your accounts receivable today with Zonar Docs.

Photograph document
Crop document
Review and send
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Key features

  • Available on Zonar’s Connect™ Tablet
  • Convenient document upload for drivers
  • User-friendly interface
  • Electronic document storage and retrieval
  • Single Sign On for dispatch and driver
  • Easy driver and load assignment management for dispatch
  • Images received in Ground Traffic Control® in real-time
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