How to choose your ideal school bus fleet management partner

How to choose your ideal school bus fleet management partner
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School bus fleets increasingly rely on technology to address the complex needs of transporting students. Choosing a fleet management solutions provider can be a disruptive and challenging process. But it doesn’t have to be.

Read a fresh perspective on taking a deliberate, thoughtful approach to ensure maximum value and long-term satisfaction.

  • Understanding your organization, its needs, and how the technologies will impact it
  • Defining what success looks like and how you’ll measure it based on objective data
  • Identifying opportunities for added efficiencies and calculate projected expense savings
  • Considering that provider’s partnerships and integrations for optimal value and flexibility
  • Choosing the right long-term partner with the right mix of technologies

Download our complimentary white paper, How to choose your ideal school bus fleet management partner.

Prioritize maximum value for long-term satisfaction.

Read about how to identify a partner who offers the right value for your organization. And who’ll work with you to ensure high levels of safety, reliability, integration, compliance and support with the right mix of technologies and tools.

“Choose a partner who is willing to provide good value, not just a good price,” says Tim Ammon, General Manager of Zonar Passenger Services. Ammon has more than 20 years in transportation operations and fleet maintenance analysis experience. He continues, “Providing that value includes addressing the initial and long-term costs and capabilities of the partner’s systems.”

Step back to see what your organization truly needs.

A fresh, high-level look at your organization reveals what daily, hands-on engagement can’t. Properly identifying your operational, functional, technical and financial needs will ultimately enhance the new technology’s capabilities and your satisfaction in the long run.

What works? What doesn’t? What do you wish would work better? This complimentary white paper features a list of 17 key considerations for better understanding your operation. (For the other 13 questions, download the white paper.)

  • What processes, procedures or technologies currently work well for your fleet?
  • What frustrations do you have with your current system(s)?
  • Which processes are the most manual and/or time consuming?
  • What data, reports, insights and information do you need to access more efficiently?

Determine how you’ll measure success.

You’ll need to know how well the new partnership and fleet technology work, and when it’s time to course correct. This complimentary white paper shares considerations for working with the fleet solutions team to understand what success looks like and how to measure it. Think greater levels of efficiency, cost control and compliance. All using the fleet technology’s objective data around measurable, essential functions.

Prioritize long-term value and partnership.

The more deliberate your approach, the happier you’ll be with the provider and technologies you choose. As you read the white paper, learn about evaluating potential partners to find who offers the right mix of technology and provides maximum long-term value for your organization.

  • Are they experienced in helping you word RFPs if needed?
  • How do they support your fleet’s compliance with federal mandates?
  • Will they work with you and support your fleet as it evolves over time?

Throughout the paper, you’ll also find links to additional information, including on integrating telematics data into onboard emergency planning, finding additional funding, and enhancing service levels.

Download the white paper. And contact us with questions.