Make your fleet more resilient to today’s challenges.

Navigate several of today’s top trucking challenges with the right smart fleet technology.
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Each year, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) releases the results of its annual survey to determine what the top challenges are for the trucking industry. And according to the results for 2023, the economy tops the list. Navigating trucking’s top challenges means taking advantage of every available resource you have, including drivers, trucks, fuel and fleet tech.

Download our complimentary white paper, Make your fleet more resilient to today’s challenges, to learn more about equipping your fleet with smart fleet management and mobility solutions for standing up to trucking’s top headwinds.

  • Implement the right fleet technologies to strategically strengthen your operation’s resilience to changes in the trucking industry.
  • Know your fleet inside and out to make the best use of its financial resources, fuel efficiency, drivers and vehicles.
  • Reduce hard costs by saving on fuel, preventing violations, protecting tires, and paying for fewer critical repairs and maintenance.

Strengthen your fleet with strategic use of smart fleet technologies.

As you read the Make your fleet more resilient white paper, learn more about reducing fleet operational costs with data-based insights into vehicle health, utilization, fuel efficiency, safety and compliance, and driver performance. All by using certain smart fleet management solutions to address key operational areas.

  • Engage drivers as part of the solution and equip them with the right tech to perform more safely as well as more efficiently.
  • Learn about methods for attracting new drivers and retaining talent.
  • Consider an additional approach to truck parking so drivers have a better chance of finding a safe place to pull over for required breaks.
  • Read about predicting and preventing serious vehicle issues to reduce critical engine repair costs and minimize unplanned downtime.
  • Look at how to take a multi-faceted approach to greater fuel efficiency based on detailed data, trip planning, driver performance and real-world analytics.
  • Consider more ways to enhance aspects of driver compensation besides more pay and bigger bonuses.
  • And finally, read about technologies to protect your fleet and drivers against lawsuit abuse, scams and nuclear verdicts.

Time for your next step.

Moving fewer goods costs more and brings in less. Equip your fleet to navigate industry changes—and even thrive. Take a few moments to learn more about using smart fleet management and mobility solutions to strengthen your bottom line, keep your vehicles healthier and reduce costs. When you’re done, contact us with questions.

Download and read the white paper.