Here are tips for pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections to help prevent citations and keep the vehicles in a fleet within federal regulations.


Zonar provides pre- and post-trip vehicle inspection tips to help prevent citations and keep the vehicles within federal regulations

Seattle Wash. - January 15, 2019 - Pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections keep commercial motor vehicle operators and other drivers on the road safe by helping to prevent accidents. A thorough inspection of the entire vehicle includes looking for worn out or damaged parts, checking the emergency exits and ensuring that all repairs have been made in a timely manner since the previous inspection was performed and reported. A proper inspection should take at least half an hour to complete and being thorough ensures drivers do not miss needed repairs that would lead to a citation or unsafe driving conditions.

"Road safety continues to be Zonar's number one concern for commercial motor vehicles and it's crucial for fleet managers and drivers to ensure their vehicles are safe while on the road," said Fred Fakkema, vice president of compliance at Zonar. "There is no one solution to completely prevent accidents, but taking the necessary precautions before and after a trip is the first step."

To ensure that drivers and companies are following inspections that are required by law and to reduce the number of roadside violations, Zonar has released, “Commercial Vehicle Inspections: Tips to Prevent Citations." Download the tip sheet to help keep vehicles compliant with federal mandates and the roads safe for all drivers.

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