Henkels & McCoy

Customer Spotlight Henkels & McCoy

Leading transportation technology company delivers advanced telematics to utility construction fleet with Zonar.

Leading utility construction firm Henkels & McCoy (H&M) provides critical infrastructure for the power, communications, oil & gas pipeline, and gas distribution markets throughout North America. As fleets are becoming more connected in the Internet of Things, H&M recognized the impact and opportunities that technology brings to the industry.

H&M’s fleet was operating manually – tracking fuel recovery by receipts, filling paperwork by hand, and managing assets on a case-by-case basis, as repairs were required or equipment was located.

In 2012, H&M began a transformation of its business operations, engaging with Zonar, a leading provider of complete technology solutions for smart fleet management, to deploy fleet information management solutions that would enable the company to manage its inventory assets accurately and efficiently.

Within three years, the company went from a manual-based system with very limited visibility into its equipment and related assets as well as limited ROI, to an intelligent automated system that provided real-time accuracy to significantly improve H&M’s business.

The difference in terms of visibility into our business and the ability to more proactively manage our fleets was like going from the stone age to the modern age.
Gil Gilbert, Fleet Director of Pipeline Division

For instance, in deploying Zonar technology – including the company’s V3™ telematics solution and 2020® tablet with Electronic Verified Inspection Reports (EVIR®) – across its fleet, H&M was able to track and recover its fuel assets in pin-point accuracy, enabling them to achieve up to an estimated 150% ROI for their total technology investment through fuel tax credits alone. Prior to deploying the Zonar solutions, H&M was recovering an estimated 20- 25% of the fuel they were accounting for. With the Zonar solutions on board in 2015, that recovery estimate more than tripled to approximately 98.9% accuracy, resulting in significant improvements in fuel trackability and the anticipated recovery in one year for their overall technology investment.

For H&M’s maintenance program, previously they had stocked and shipped more PM Service parts than were needed, resulting in over-stocked items that were returned and not inflating inventories. After deploying the Zonar solutions across the fleet, this process has been automated and streamlined. Maintenance requirements generate an alert on the fleet’s mobile devices detailing the machine and the services/parts needed, and the parts department can put together a kit that with all the parts required and ship it directly to the vehicle’s location. This new capability saves time and assets on the front end and also provides greater accuracy on the back end as the information is processed and managed in real time online.

Anyone can log onto Zonar and do anything. It’s very user friendly and filled with so much information. A lot of companies call me and ask why aren’t we going with them? We’re looking for partners who can provide purpose-built solutions with just the right amount of customization, and Zonar has that to a tee.
Ian Windish, Telematics Specialist, H&M Pipeline Division