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Customer Spotlight Superior Bowen Asphalt

Leading manufacturer delivers best-in-class customer service with Zonar

The largest asphalt manufacturer in the Kansas City region, Superior Bowen Asphalt brings infrastructure improvements for the commercial, residential, highway, municipal, and aviation markets. As materials and compliance regulations have evolved in its industry, Superior Bowen Asphalt is committed to meeting these changing needs while maintaining its strong level of customer service. As the family company has grown, so have challenges around traceability, accountability, and overall operator care standards.

Previously, Superior Bowen Asphalt lacked company-wide technology-based tracking and reporting system to manage driver and equipment operations and proactive maintenance scheduling. The company had an on-the-fly approach to these operations which made it a challenge for the company to monitor, track and maintain equipment and deliver customer service efficiently.

It seems like we’ve barely scratched the surface of how we can leverage these technologies. It feels like the opportunities are endless with their products. I’m looking forward to expanding our collaboration with Zonar as Superior Bowen Asphalt continues to move toward its world-class operator levels goals.
Adam Riddell, General Manager of Operations

To ensure on-road and off-road machine’s safety issues were being addressed quickly and efficiently, Superior Bowen Asphalt developed a long-term business plan that identified goals of having a world-class response time and maintenance levels. In an effort to meet these goals, the team knew they needed a strong yet flexible tracking and reporting infrastructure in place that would integrate seamlessly with their Viewpoint system to help them attain operational visibility in real time.

In 2012, Superior Bowen Asphalt set up a pilot program with Zonar, beginning with the deployment of Zonar telematics on their on-road vehicles. In Fall 2014, the company expanded its program, deploying the Zonar 2020 tablet in all the assets across their fleet. As part of the implementation, Superior Bowen Asphalt integrated Zonar into its Viewpoint system while maintaining the configurations of their operator care standards. The new solution provided real-time updates for their planner and team that allowed them to make sure the notifications and paperwork reached the right people and were completed in a timely fashion. The ability to report directly from their own devices by working with the Zonar 2020 tablet enabled employees to better manage their equipment care and service while maintaining the supervision and tracking required for overall operational efficiency.

What gets measured, gets done is our motto. Zonar helps us to do this.
Trey Bowen, President