Valley Metro

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Valley Metro delivers smart mass transit with smart fleet management technologies

Valley Metro is the regional public transportation agency that provides coordinated, multi-modal transit options to the residents of greater Phoenix. With a core mission of advancing a network of transit services, Valley Metro plans, develops and operates the regional bus and light rail systems and alternative transportation programs for commuters, seniors and people with disabilities. Valley Metro’s mission also includes providing customers with safe, efficient and reliable transportation. To that end, Valley Metro includes in its contracts an obligation to the municipalities it serves, that the company will comply with Department of Transportation (DOT) pre-trip regulations before putting a vehicle into service.

Valley Metro historically had its drivers fill out paper-based booklets containing pre- and post- trip inspection data, which were later turned in at the company's maintenance and operations departments. This process was subject to "pencil whipping," where a driver may complete a booklet without necessarily inspecting a vehicle for defects, passengers left on board or baggage left behind. Overall, the process was slow with long and often inaccurate paper trails, and posed security risks.

To shore up its inspection process and better ensure that its operations complied with DOT pre-trip regulations, as well as improve its operations by quickly and accurately identifying maintenance issues, Valley Metro turned to Zonar. Valley Metro implemented Zonar's Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting (EVIR), the only verified, visual electronic inspection system available. With EVIR on the Zonar 2010, Valley Metro received a solution that delivered increase accountability for drivers. With the 2010 and EVIR solution, drivers conduct their pre- and post- trip inspection process by walking around their vehicles to inspect required inspection zones by scanning RFID tags mounted at each zone. Each scan generates a drop-down menu on the 2010, identifying specific areas a driver must inspect and mark the condition of before completing the inspection of that zone. Additionally, the driver must scan each tagged zone on a vehicle, conducting a visual inspection of each zone as an official requirement for any pre- or post- trip inspection to be completed.

We came to Zonar looking for a solution that would help us meet our client contractual obligations for pre-trip inspections. We not only got EVIR to do that, Zonar also delivered us visibility into our operations including speed, idling and location of vehicles.
Scott Wisner, Bus Service Delivery Manager

In addition to shoring up its inspection process with EVIR, the Zonar solution includes Zonar’s V3 telematics box and Ground Traffic Control web portal. The V3 allows for the inspection reports to be sent back to dispatch, digitalizing the entire process in real time instead of a lengthy inaccurate paper trail. The data can be viewed via Ground Traffic Control. With these streamlined insights, Valley Metro has been able to implement proactive and preventative maintenance into its fleet without having to wait for paper-based reports to be processed. The V3 has provided Valley Metro with additional benefits too.

The V3 and Ground Traffic Control gave Valley Metro the ability to view and track idling, speed, prolonged stops, and the arrival and departure of buses from bus stops. These additional capabilities gave Valley Metro increased visibility and accountability into its operations. If the company received a call about a late or speeding bus, it could now go back and see what the bus was doing and determine if the account was true or not, and followed up on by any corrective action. It has also been used to reduce idling times by identifying those events for fleet managers who then can coach their drivers towards better operating behaviors. The shored-up pre- and post-trip inspection process and track and trace capabilities provided by Zonar have improved Valley Metro’s operations and aided it in its mission to provide customers with safe, efficient and reliable transportation.


Valley Metro

Daily Ridership

Approximately 219,989


Mass Transit


Phoenix, AZ


  • Zonar 2010™ EVIR®
  • Zonar V3™
  • Ground Traffic Control®

Zonar solutions helped Valley Metro achieve:

  • Compliance with Department of Transportation pre-trip inspection regulations
  • Improved tracking and inspection management capabilities
  • Proactive Maintenance