Agility P.O.D.

Agility P.O.D.

Driver Tools / Dispatching


For each shipment, they get turn-by-turn directions, can call, text or email the customer, change the quantity delivered and update the status of the shipment. Additionally, users can confirm delivery by capturing a signature or taking pictures of the jobsite and/or delivered material, now from the convenience of their Zonar tablet.



  • Drivers get a list of shipments to be delivered on the route.
  • Drivers get directions and details on how to contact customers.
  • Modify delivered quantities and update shipment status.
  • Drivers can capture proof of delivery by capturing a signature or by taking a picture of the jobsite.


  • Minimize travel time and distance.
  • Save on fuel, reduce emissions, and boost efficiency.
  • Prevent false complaints about undelivered goods.
  • Paperless proof of delivery.