Truckers Against Trafficking eTAT

Truckers Against Trafficking eTAT

Driver Tools | Safety and Compliance


eTAT is an app specifically for ELDs to help your drivers identify and report labor and sex trafficking in their everyday work. Drivers can view human trafficking red flags and examples, as well as scan QR codes with their personal mobile devices to access training videos, podcast episodes and more.

Designed with ELDs in mind, eTAT uses no cellular data and is easy to add to existing driver devices. Whether your drivers are over-the-road, local, van line operators or in-home delivery professionals, eTAT provides the tools to help them recognize and safely report potential trafficking situations in a timely manner.


Key Features

  • ELD-friendly. Uses no cellular data.
  • Gives your drivers the tools to identify and report labor and sex trafficking.
  • Great for over-the-road drivers, local drivers, van line operators and in-home delivery professionals.
  • Available in English and Spanish.
  • Provides access to human trafficking resources such as training videos, podcasts and more.