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Prevent equipment and machinery from getting lost on long deployment.

Why non-powered assets disappear

Out of sight, out of mind, out of inventory. Equipment and machinery deployed for long stretches are vulnerable to loss and theft.

  • Non-tracked equipment and machinery may be forgotten when the site wraps up.
  • Thieves target equipment because its payout is high enough to warrant the risk.
  • Assets are kept on hand or moved to another location without authorization.
  • Older assets age out on the job and their records aren’t updated.

How to keep tabs over distance

Make sure remote assets stay put. Digitally track non-powered assets with a small, unassuming, long-lasting tracking device.

  • Pinpoint the asset’s location online, across distances, to find it without calling around.
  • Track the asset when it’s stationary, in transit or deployed to remote locations.
  • Monitor its location on the same platform you use to track GPS-enabled fleet vehicles.
  • Keep tabs on assets deployed in harsh conditions and job sites—even over years.
  • Track stolen assets’ movements and work with law enforcement to reclaim them.
  • View the asset or equipment’s location wherever you are, on a desktop platform or mobile app.

What you need in a tracking device

Zonar ZTrak® is a compact, IP67-rated asset tracking device that’s easily hidden and tough as they come.

  • Remotely track powered and non-powered assets anywhere, online.
  • Attach it discreetly and quickly.
  • Deploy in remote and harsh environments.
  • Track for up to 10 years (1 or 2 daily reports) on one set of batteries.
  • If necessary, replace the battery in the field to reduce service costs.
  • Activate Theft Recovery Mode to receive GPS points every minute to track more closely.
  • Trust ZTrak’s three forms of connectivity: GNSS (GPS) and Wi-Fi® signals with fallback to cell tower regulation.