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Keep minor accidents from raising fleet insurance costs.

Why minor accidents add up

Light-duty fleet vehicles are prone to dings, dents, traffic tickets and minor accidents. All of which cost money, although incrementally.

  • Some drivers lack motivation or training to operate the vehicle properly or safely.
  • Lack of objective evidence makes holding drivers accountable difficult.
  • Safety technology costs can be hard to justify without data and proof of value.
  • Direct and indirect costs are underestimated, leading to slower prevention.
  • Fleets without an ingrained culture of safety are slower to take action.

How to minimize their frequency

Install a smart, HD dashcam in your light-duty fleet vehicles. Capture objective footage with driver-centric video technology.

  • Review footage of what happened before, during and after an incident.
  • Address unsafe driving habits using objective evidence.
  • Exonerate drivers who are falsely accused of being at fault or operating unsafely.
  • Prevent incidents with in-cab alerts so drivers can self-correct.
  • Hold everyone to the same standards and policies using objective footage.
  • Provide in-cab scorecards and video review to empower drivers.
  • Build an ingrained, fleetwide culture of safety and accountability.

What you need in a smart dashcam

See who, what, how and why without invading drivers’ privacy. Zonar Coach™ features a smart HD dashcam that records when it needs to.

  • AI automatically detects up to 8 unsafe driving behaviors.
  • Sends footage immediately to the cloud.
  • Provides real-time, in-cab audible alerts for self-correction.
  • Driver and vehicle are paired so you know who’s at the wheel.
  • Review on-demand 1080p HD footage securely online, anytime, from anywhere.
  • See incidents in detail and context.
  • Reduce frequency of minor accidents and traffic violations with clear accountability.
  • Earn driver and union buy-in with a solution that respects driver privacy.
  • Use customizable coaching platform to weigh scoring and incidents to support your safety OKRs.