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Reduce HoS fines by preventing common ELD violations.

Why HoS errors still happen

ELD malfunctions. Hard-to-use devices. Lack of training. Drivers still earn easy, common violations that place them out of service.

  • Drivers falsify their record of duty status (RODS), accidentally or to avoid going over.
  • They can’t provide their RODS, sometimes because the ELD malfunctions.
  • Previous 7 days of RODS haven’t been retained and can’t be provided when requested.
  • Personal conveyance hasn’t been properly used or recorded.
  • Duty period or drivetime limits are exceeded, often by drivers accepting—or driver managers assigning—too many hours.

How to avoid violations

Start with a certified, user-friendly ELD solution that makes compliance easier for dispatchers, drivers and enforcement officers.

  • Alerts drivers when they’re approaching their hour limit.
  • Makes entering personal conveyance simple.
  • Displays real-time driver hours for dispatchers via a secure online portal.
  • Integrates with other driver tools for streamlined workflows and usability.
  • Automatically updates itself to log against latest regulations.

What you need in an ELD

Zonar Logs™ is built for drivers and informed by experts. Certified and self-updating, our ELD makes compliance easier.

  • Streamline roadside inspections with log certifications and built-in data transfers.
  • Prevent violations with real-time clocks and in-cab warnings.
  • See each driver’s real-time duty status and available hours.
  • Suggest log edits and assign unidentified driving time to maintain accuracy.
  • Identify vehicle malfunctions and the drivers they impact.
  • Self-certified with the U.S. FMCSA to meet U.S. ELD regulations.
  • Third-party certified for use by Canadian fleets and federally regulated carriers crossing the U.S. and Canada border.