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Reduce parent call volumes with a school bus tracking app.

Why parents call

Changes in buses, routes and stops affects modern family life. Not knowing the bus’s location or ETA is cause for a phone call.

  • Worried parents call to locate their child’s school bus.
  • Parents need to know when the bus will arrive to adjust the family’s schedule.
  • Frustrated parents want to know why they waited so long or why their young child was left unsupervised at a stop for an extended period of time.
  • Last-minute changes are difficult for dispatch to quickly communicate.

How to reduce call volumes

Parents who track their child’s bus themselves call less often. Increase transparency about delays, breakdowns and changes.

  • Put precision school bus tracking in their hands on their smartphone or tablet.
  • Push communications about changes and delays to their app.
  • Prevent miscommunications about route times and stop changes.
  • Prevent younger students from being left at the stop unsupervised.
  • Empower parents to locate the bus’s exact location.
  • If their children ride different buses, enable families to track each one.
  • Let them see when and where their child got on and off the bus.

What you need in bus tracking app

Precision and flexibility. Zonar MyView™ is a bus-tracking solution that empowers parents and opens communication.

  • Parents locate their child’s school bus and its ETA on their smartphone or tablet.
  • They can create custom zones and proximity-based SMS alerts to support family schedules.
  • They can also add multiple zones for different drop-off destinations, such as a grandparent’s house.
  • Parents receive alerts when their child gets on and off the bus for peace of mind.
  • Dispatch easily pushes timely updates about bus or route changes directly to their app.