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Reduce speeding tickets with HD footage and full context.

Why speeding tickets add up

Speeding is one of the top five CMV violation categories. Understand common reasons to prevent it and its associated citations.

  • Fleet drivers are under pressure to meet deadlines, schedules and delivery dates.
  • Exhausted and distracted drivers are less aware of their vehicle’s speed.
  • Weather such as rain, snow, fog and ice make speed management more difficult.
  • Untracked light-duty vehicles are vulnerable to unsafe driving.
  • Minor speeding tickets are easy to let slide.
  • Drivers sometimes speed up to avoid a collision, but the context is lost.
  • Some fleets lack a strong culture of safety that holds drivers accountable.

How to reduce fleetwide speeding

Install a smart dashcam that scans the road, reads speed limit signs, and audibly alerts drivers.

  • Hold drivers accountable for traveling at safe, posted speeds.
  • Enable them to self-correct their speed before earning a citation.
  • Increase in-the-moment driver awareness to help curb habitual speeding.
  • Capture footage of events that may have contributed to the speeding event.
  • Verify if citation matches video of posted speed sign, vehicle TCU data and driver claim for possible exoneration.
  • Strengthen your culture of safety with data-based driver recognition.

What you need in a smart dashcam

Zonar Coach™ analyzes the road ahead and captures behavior behind the wheel for a greater understanding.

  • 720p HD dashcam lens recognizes live speed signs as the driver passes.
  • Audibly alerts drivers when it detects speeding so they can self-correct.
  • Detects and records distracted driving, even at night.
  • Records video of the speeding event for driver and office to review.
  • Transmits footage and data to the cloud for online, anytime evaluation.
  • Driver Scorecards for recognizing safe drivers and coaching those who need it.
  • Forward-facing dashcam option available.