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Reduce tire replacement costs with a remote TPMS.

Why fleet tires don’t last long

Fleet tires cover long distances, work long hours, and go for long periods in between checks. They’re also prone to sudden failure.

  • Under- and over inflation strain a tire’s structural integrity and increase wear.
  • Extreme temperatures exacerbate improper tire pressure and structural stress.
  • Tire thumpers don’t catch natural tire pressure changes that occur on the road.
  • Checking interior tires is more difficult and sometimes impossible.
  • Drivers are unable to monitor their vehicle’s tires as they drive.
  • Drivers unfamiliar with a vehicle’s quirks don’t know its signals for tire problems.

How to extend each tire’s lifespan

Remotely monitor tires online. Proactively identify and correct improper tire pressure to avoid failures and premature replacements.

  • Outfit each tire with a sensor that feeds pressure and temperature readings to a remote, online TPMS solution.
  • Monitor every equipped tire, even hard-to-reach tires, regardless of location.
  • Set alerts to stay informed without staying glued to the TPMS platform.
  • Know when tire temperatures may lead to faster wear and failure.
  • See historical and live tire trends to quickly catch slow leaking.
  • Equip drivers with an in-cab solution for monitoring their vehicle’s tires.

What you need in a remote TPMS

ContiConnect Live Integrated is an online TPMS that provides 24/7 real-time pressure and temperature readings. Any location.

  • The solution’s sensor mounts on the inner liner, inside the rubber housing, housing, for durability and reliable readings.
  • Monitor equipped tires, in real time, even if they’re traveling or states away.
  • See which tire needs attention with a bird’s eye map view of the vehicle.
  • Set customizable, real-time portal, text and email alerts.
  • Prioritize service and potential issues based on alert levels.
  • Authorize drivers to monitor their vehicle’s tires, on their device, on the road.