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Speed up inspections with electronic verified inspection reporting.

Why paper inspections are so slow

Filling in paper forms (DVIR) takes time and impacts how quickly defects are repaired. An outdated approach that can’t keep up anymore.

  • Drivers and operators have to manually capture vehicle or asset information.
  • Inspection forms are often lost, illegible, incomplete or forgotten.
  • Physical paperwork must be physically turned in to appropriate personnel.
  • Some drivers complete, sign and submit reports without performing a thorough inspection (pencil whipping).
  • Maintenance can’t schedule repairs until they receive the paperwork, and defects get worse.

How to ensure faster, complete inspections

Replace DVIR with eDVIR. Same procedures, but using digital forms that take less time and leave less room for error.

  • Have drivers and operators capture inspection data digitally and securely upload results for online review.
  • Eliminate the possibility of lost, illegible or damaged paper forms.
  • Standardize and streamline the inspection processes for all vehicles and assets.
  • Enable them to capture and send photos directly to maintenance for clear communication.
  • Maintenance can review and prioritize defects, and schedule repairs faster.
  • Make communications more efficient for everyone involved.

What you need in an electronic inspection system

Zonar EVIR® streamlines the process, increases accuracy, and is truly verifiable. Tag it. Scan it. Know it’s done right.

  • Reduce inspection time by up to 50% over paper inspections.
  • Place a tag in each inspection zone.
  • Drivers and operators scan the tags, perform the inspection, and upload the results for immediate online review.
  • Vehicle or asset information is automatically uploaded to the report.
  • Date and timestamps show if any part of the inspection was rushed or incomplete.
  • No tracking down vehicle information, and no physical paperwork.
  • Integrate with your maintenance platform so work orders are automatically generated.