2010TM Electronic Inspection Device Ensures Inspection Compliance and Defect Resolution

Accurate verified inspection reports
Reporting time-stamped reporting and alerts
Comply DOT, OSHA and MSHA inspection regulations
Quality automate service repair scheduling

From paper to productivity

The 2010 Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting (EVIR®) system uses the innovative Tag Once, Inspect Regularly, Know Always approach to capture, transmit, and record pre-trip inspection and maintenance data. Now you can improve compliance and accountability with the only verified, visual electronic inspection system available.

Simple and efficient

The Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting system replaces the traditional, paper-based inspection with an automated process that instantly provides you with inspection results for improved compliance and maintenance efficiency. Begin by placing Zonar’s data-encoded RFID tags at each inspection location of the vehicle or asset.

2010 Product Brochure 2010 Printable Product Brochure The 2010 Electronic Verified Inspection Report (EVIR®) system uses the innovative Tag Once, Inspect Regularly, Know Always approach to capture, transmit, and record pre-trip inspection and maintenance data.

Ensure accuracy

Drivers utilize Zonar’s 2010 inspection device to scan each RFID tag and indicate the condition of components within the zone. If a defect is discovered, your driver selects a description from a pre-defined list and indicates if the vehicle is safe to operate. When complete, inspection data is available from any web browser via Ground Traffic Control.

Improve compliance

Missing and incomplete paper trip inspection reports are a thing of the past. With EVIR, you can ensure compliance with all DOT-mandated pre- and post-trip vehicle inspection regulations, and OSHA and MSHA equipment inspection requirements. Implementing Zonar’s vehicle inspection process helps you create a safety mindset throughout your fleet.

Return on investment

Connect data with drivers, maintenance, and law enforcement for improved efficiency. You can reduce inspection processing time by up to 50%, and inspection data is available immediately in the case of a DOT inspection. Vehicle and equipment uptime is increased through accurate detection of defects and instant notification for maintenance planning.

Automate and verify

Standardize the pre- and post-trip inspection process with the industry’s original patented, verified electronic vehicle inspection system.

Speed vehicle repairs

When a defect is discovered, ensure your maintenance department knows immediately and can effectively prioritize repairs.

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Features and Capabilities

  • Zonar 2010 inspection tool
  • RFID tags (asset, specific vehicle information, zone specific information; and driver unique ID number)
  • Built to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Electronic record keeping with options to automatically delete dated records
  • Configurable on-screen data fields such as drop-down lists, text and numbers
  • 24/7/365, U.S.-based technical support from Zonar Customer Care

From our customers

[cq_vc_imageoverlay overlayshape=”square” image=”1409″ icon_fontawesome=”” overlaytitle=”The paper inspection report we used previously was a non-descript form with only 40 boxes. With the Zonar EVIR and its 11-zone system that details nearly 1,000 conditions, the driver inspection reports are much more complete and provides our mechanics much-needed details to keep our fleet of trucks and trailers in tip-top shape.” overlaycontent=”Mark Munds, President, V&M Transport” overlaycolor=”rgba(17,147,209,0.9)” contentcolor=”#ffffff” overlaysize=”570″ titlesize=”1em” contentsize=”1em”]