Beat the heat: Keep your fleet safe and efficient this summer

Keep your fleet safe and efficient this summer with Zonar Systems
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Summer is the unofficial travel season. According to AAA, nearly 100 million Americans are expected to travel over the summer. Most travelers will be driving to their destination, which means roads will be packed with passenger vehicles and commercial motor vehicles. As traffic volumes increase, so does the need to equip drivers with the right tools to carefully and efficiently share the roads.

Safe vehicles, safe summer roads

No fleet manager—or commercial driver—wants a vehicle to break down, especially in summer traffic jams or on interstates and highways over long trips. Breakdowns are costly, inconvenient and unsafe. Proper pre- and post-trip inspections are your first line of defense to keep vehicles in safe mechanical condition. And electronically verified inspections streamline and guarantee the inspection process is performed properly.

Ensuring vehicle inspections are done correctly is critical year-round. During the summer months of high-volume traffic and cross-country journeys, additional peace of mind goes a long way.

Our Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting (EVIR®) is the only system of its kind on the market today. EVIR enables drivers to quickly capture, transmit and record inspection details and compliance data.

Eliminate paper logs.

Electronic verified inspections reduce the processing time by more than 50 percent over paper-based inspections.

Using EVIR, drivers:

  • swiftly inspect their vehicle for maintenance issues
  • send the results digitally instead of waiting to submit paperwork
  • get back on the road knowing the results are submitted

Operate with speed and efficiency.

Electronically verified, digitally uploaded inspection results enables faster, more efficient maintenance workflows. EVIR provides instant equipment failure notifications and immediate maintenance planning to keep vehicles running in optimal condition longer.

With these streamlined operations, fleet managers:

  • increase vehicle uptime
  • reduce instances of vehicle breakdowns on the road
  • schedule vehicle maintenance in real time

Fleets remain active working, and fleet managers eliminate delays incurred waiting for paper inspections to be submitted and processed.

Keep vehicles safe and in service.

According to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s International Roadcheck enforcement program, fleets using EVIR are seven times less likely to be placed out of service. These fleets proactively take steps to pass inspections and avoid potentially dangerous mechanical defects.

Proper inspections, safer vehicles, safer summer roads.

Expandable capabilities

As fleets grow, so do their technology needs. Ideal smart fleet management and telematics providers offer flexible solutions for fleets to expand as needed.

Our Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 tablets puts the right tools and technology in your drivers’ and operators’ hands. Once a task such as an EVIR inspection is performed, drivers securely upload the data to our secure web portal, Ground Traffic Control, where the results are reviewed. The Tab Active2 also offers managed access to Google Play-certified third-party apps, which have been tested and proven compatible with Zonar solutions.

Preventing accidents

Summer needs to be a safe travel season—for everyone. Prevent accidents before they happen with in-cab, real-time driver coaching. Zonar Coach™ features a forward-facing dashcam with artificial intelligence and machine learning. This smart dashcam scans the road ahead and, when it detects one of seven unsafe driving behaviors, alerts drivers then and there so they can immediately correct what they’re doing.

Put safety first.

Summer roads are packed. With so many people hitting the roads, now is a good time to reevaluate your fleet operations to ensure your vehicles are prepared for maximum safety and efficiency—so everyone can go home safe. Start by learning more about EVIR and Coach.