Beat the Heat: How Zonar Can Help Fleets Remain Safe and Efficient This Summer


Summer is about more than just time off from school and work, beaches, beers and hotdogs. It's also about long weekends, vacations and road trips. Whether you're traveling from town to town tearing it up on the baseball field or you're visiting friends and family across state lines, summer is the unofficial season of travel. On average, nearly one third of Americans save at least half of their annual vacation days for summer travel, with nearly half of those travelers indicating they plan on taking multiple long-weekend trips during the summer months. With more than 657 million long distance trips taking place between Memorial Day and Labor Day, each spanning an average of 284 miles one-way, the roads are jam-packed with both passenger vehicles and trucks. Commercial trucks are an integral part of the summer travel equation, and as traffic increases so does the need for tools that help drivers carefully navigate and share the busy roads throughout the summer.

Zonar's Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting (EVIR) system is the perfect solution for fleet managers who are looking to improve safety for their drivers, streamline their day-to-day operations and overhaul their inspection processes this summer. During months of exceptionally high volume traffic jams and long, cross-country journeys, Zonar's EVIR system gives truckers and fleet managers peace of mind and a headache-free summer travel season.

EVIR is the only electronic inspection system of its kind. Leveraging an innovative "Tag Once, Inspect Regularly, Know Always" mantra, EVIR allows drivers to quickly capture, transmit and record inspection details and compliance data. It is the only verified, visual system available on the market today and can help trucking companies of all shapes and sizes keep their fleet safe this summer.

EVIR helps companies:

  • Eliminate Paper Logs:
    By shifting away from paper-based inspections, truckers can reduce the processing time for inspections by more than 50 percent. EVIR allows drivers to swiftly inspect their vehicle for maintenance issues and be back on the road before they know it. The ability to perform quick-yet-thorough inspections gives drivers confidence that they can get from A to B in the fastest and safest manner.
  • Operate with Speed and Efficiency:
    EVIR provides fleet managers and drivers with instant equipment failure notifications and immediate maintenance planning, allowing them to dramatically increase vehicle uptime. In addition, by reducing the number of breakdowns on the road and scheduling vehicle maintenance in real time, fleets can remain in business and eliminate delays incurred by waiting for paper inspections to be submitted and reviewed.
  • Put Safety First:
    According to data from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s International Roadcheck enforcement program, fleets that use Zonar’s EVIR system are seven times less likely to be placed out of service. Unlike the other guys, this means they’re passing inspections and proactively taking steps to avoid potentially dangerous defects on their trucks. Not to mention that more time on the road means more business in the long run.

But it doesn't stop there...

Fleets that bundle EVIR with Zonar's next generation Connect™ Tablet can rest assured that their driver and fleet needs are met for today and into the future. Zonar Connect's innovative design incorporates feedback from current customers, industry research and best practices, making it the most comprehensive and well-rounded solution available today. Zonar Connect not only enables access to Zonar's EVIR system, but provides customers with custom applications for all types of fleets. In addition to EVIR, Zonar Connect includes ELD-ready ZLogs Hours-of-Service, ZForms Messaging, Advanced Navigation and a camera to capture and send pictures of inspections and defects. The Connect runs on Android, making it adaptable and customizable for all types of businesses. The Connect is the perfect solution for both drivers and fleet managers as it reliably streamlines mundane daily tasks and provides back-end insight as to everything that’s happening on the roadways.

The impending arrival of summer serves as a good reminder for drivers and managers to reevaluate their operations to make sure their fleets are optimized for safe and efficient travel. Nearly 75 percent of summer vacationers anticipate traveling by car for their upcoming summer trip, which means that no matter what, the roads are going to be packed in the coming months. As we hit the dog days of summer, busier roads unfortunately mean more accidents. According to a recent study by, the month of July logs the highest number of fatal traffic accidents. Solutions like Zonar's EVIR system and Zonar Connect allow truckers and fleet managers to maintain fleet safety and improve overall efficiency, ensuring that drivers get home to their families safely this summer and that trucks are running smoothly while avoiding preventable accidents.


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