Where DVIR and eDVIR stop, EVIR® ensures compliance.

EVIR ensures compliance with Zonar Systems
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Imagine knowing your fleet inspections are being performed properly—every time. How would it feel, knowing all i’s are dotted, all t’s are crossed? No lost paperwork, no skipping inspections. Commercial fleet inspections are required by the FMCSA (Sections §396.11 and §396.13). Compliance is required and enforced by DOT, OSHA and MHSA. At first, DVIR fleet inspections were standard, and many carriers still choose this method despite its limitations. Many other commercial fleets have replaced DVIR with electronic DVIR (eDVIR). While this upgrade is an improvement, eDVIR still doesn’t solve for all of DVIR’s limitations. Our Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting (EVIR) does.

DVIR has limitations.

DVIR, which stands for Driver Vehicle Inspection Report, is the paper form drivers use when performing their mandatory vehicle inspections. Drivers record the vehicle’s information and condition. They also inspect any defects noted during the previous inspection to make sure the vehicle is in good working condition. Finally, drivers sign off that the information they captured is accurate.

As a paper-based system, DVIR has more than one limitation. The more significant is that DVIR fleet inspections are unverifiable. The motor carrier has only the driver’s word that the vehicle was inspected and that the inspection report is correct.

Lost or damaged forms Anything can (and does) happen to DVIR inspection forms. Accidents happen even to diligent drivers, especially when they’re on the road for days.
Inefficient workflows Maintenance can’t schedule repairs until they receive and process a driver’s DVIR form. Small issues have time to become show stoppers.
Unverifiable inspections DVIR forms are sometimes pencil whipped. Some drivers complete, sign and submit their inspection reports without inspecting the vehicle.

eDVIR resolves some problems—but not all.

eDVIR replaces DVIR’s paper form with an electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report. Using eDVIR makes inspections and communications more efficient for everyone involved. Plus, drivers can submit results almost immediately upon completing their vehicle inspections, eliminating the possibility of lost or damaged paper forms.

Same walkaround, same inspection process, same inspection report. And yet, eDVIR is still truly unverifiable.

Efficient workflows Inspection data is captured digitally and securely uploaded directly to fleet operations for review. Maintenance schedules repairs ahead of time.
Same process eDVIR meets all requirements for DVIR compliance. Drivers perform the same inspection, and capture and submit the same information—only faster.
Still unverifiable eDVIR forms can still be pencil whipped. Results are captured digitally, but carriers and operations still can’t verify for sure inspections are performed.


EVIR is the original verified electronic inspection reporting solution. We designed and developed EVIR to make our roadways safer by giving commercial drivers an easy-to-use, accurate tool to inspect their vehicles. The first, the original, and still truly verifiable. Same fleet inspections, same operational and maintenance efficiencies, and same elimination of DVIR paper inspection forms.

However, unlike DVIR and eDVIR, EVIR fleet inspections are truly verifiable. Drivers cannot pencil whip EVIR inspections, nor can they rush through any part of the inspection itself. Drivers stay compliant with DOT, OSHA and MSHA regulations, and you know with certainty fleet inspections are being performed thoroughly and properly every time.

Verified vehicle RFID tags are placed in inspection zones on the vehicle. These tags are digitally linked to that vehicle, so that the vehicle’s identity is confirmed, and its information is loaded.
Verified inspection Drivers must physically visit each inspection zone and scan each RFID tags with their in-cab tablet. No skipping any part of the inspection, nor skipping the inspection itself.
Verified times Motor carriers can tell if an inspection is rushed. Timestamps show when the inspection begins, ends and how long the driver spends in each zone.
Learn more about EVIR, the only electronic inspection system of its kind. Then, when you’re ready, contact us to see if it’s a fit for your fleet.