Goodfellow Bros., Inc

Customer Spotlight Goodfellow Bros. Inc


Goodfellow Bros., Inc. has a diversity of equipment, people and locations. They have instilled a culture of safety, making it one of their prime missions. Their firm commitment to safety was a major consideration that led them to implement the Zonar electronic fleet management system.

Phase 1: monitoring pickup trucks leads to idle time savings of $56,000 per year

Equipping the pickup trucks in the fleet with Zonar’s V2J™ HD-GPS and then monitoring usage through the Zonar Ground Traffic Control® web application was the first step. From the central office in Washington State, pickup truck activities across a 3-state region including Hawaii were monitored. A regional feedback loop and local training resources were established as part of this initial implementation. Using the power from this new remote visibility into each asset, Goodfellow Bros., Inc. achieved an immediate drop in weekend usage, speeding, and idle times. The idle times were immediately cut in half to produce a savings of $56,000 a year.

Phase 2: DOT vehicles and Zonar 2010 with EVIR® added with near instant compliance

Next, the construction vehicles, like dump trucks, were outfitted with the potent combination of Zonar’s HD-GPS and Zonar’s unique <a href="/solutions/evir-electronic-verified-inspection-reporting/" title="Electronic Verified Inspection Reporting (EVIR®)”>electronic pre- and post-trip inspection system on the handheld 2010™ with EVIR®.

EVIR Electronic Inspection and Process Tracking Replaces Manual Efforts The inspection process which had once taken mounds of paper and considerable labor time was replaced by Zonar’s electronic system. The easy-to-use 2010 guided driver inspections, recorded the data automatically and transmitted data instantly. Best of all, the drivers liked it because it made their job easier and safer.

Alerts key to compliance

With the deployment of Zonar technologies, Goodfellow Bros., Inc. established a set of checks and balances using the Zonar “Alert” capabilities so visibility on priority issues could be maintained. This has resulted in improved operational efficiencies and safety across the entire organization. For effective alerts, Zonar has designed its solution so that critical and actionable information is immediately transmitted when and where it is required for action.

The Zonar end-to-end electronic applications coupled with the web-based Ground Traffic Control application achieved the preconditions required for a real-time, centralized and decentralized fleet management practice. The Zonar implementation now supports a very diverse set of Goodfellow Bros., Inc. central and regional processes with real-time information, automatically and instantly. Goodfellow Bros., Inc. is now able to share location and inspection information across its whole network of offices.

Alerts also protect safety of driver, equipment and maximizes up-time

The Zonar “Alert” capabilities have also been used to take the real-time engine performance data coming from on-board computers to send an alert when something is going wrong. This means a decision can be made to stop a machine before it fails.

The on-board computer can “know” and transmit an alert to central, regional and local recipients through the Zonar System before the operator even knows. Goodfellow Bros., Inc. has even sent that same alert, containing the fault codes, to the local dealer so they determine repair cost.

I have been in maintenance for 35 years and have not seen anything like Zonar. It is a dream come true. Zonar has taken us to a whole new level. I want everyone to know you are only limited by your imagination and Zonar is an amazing group of people to work with.
John Stump, Equipment Manager