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Equip your short-staffed tech shop to maintain vehicle uptime more efficiently.

Why shops need more efficiency

Inefficient technology and processes show when your tech-to-vehicle ratio is running low. What’s been working may not anymore.

  • Labor shortages have left some fleet shops short of admins and technicians.
  • Fewer people in the shop means longer vehicle turnaround times.
  • Quality personnel are harder to find, and the competition for them is stiff.
  • Some fleet health platforms have steeper learning curves for new techs.
  • More time spent on daily workloads means less agility for emergencies; and vice versa.
  • The more clearly techs see inside fleet health, the more proactively they can respond.

How to help your shop do more

Outfit your shops with modern fleet health solutions that open visibility while streamlining the shop’s processes and platforms.

  • Open a single view into your entire fleet’s health from one platform instead of many.
  • Take advantage of expert analysis and recommendations for faster resolution.
  • Consolidate multiple mixed fleet platforms onto one to see across the entire fleet.
  • Streamline shop processes with seamless integrations.

What you need in fleet health tech

Enhance performance and uptime with deeper insight, fewer platforms and expert assistance using Zonar Fleet Health solutions.

  • All make, all model, all major component diagnostics for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Predict and prevent downstream faults to avoid progressive engine damage.
  • Enable admins and staff to easily understand and prioritize fault codes.
  • Know what to do ahead of time to respond immediately.
  • Consolidate onto a single, real-time view of aggregate, quarry, mine, construction or pit fleet assets and cycle times.
  • Opt in to select manufacturer’s programs to benefit from their insights and assistance.