Keep your fleet nimble to keep up

Keep your fleet nimble to keep up with Zonar Systems.
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These past weeks have been an exercise in logistic agility for commercial fleets. Carriers and drivers have been forced to rapidly adapt to changing demands for goods, fluctuating inventory levels, supply chain disruptions, and fast-moving state and federal regulations. A recent report on how COVID has impacted the trucking industry shows the many aspects of the industry that have changed in response to the pandemic.

Now that different parts of the economy are reopening, staying competitive means staying agile so you can keep pivoting with the times. Start by making sure your smart fleet management solution is fully equipped to support fleet agility, driver efficiency and driver safety.

Track critical details.

Over the past many weeks, the demand for some goods declined while the demand for essential items rose. In response, many drivers changed the types of loads they carry, such as switching from hauling office furniture to hauling groceries. Now that restrictions are being eased in phased approaches, the demand for goods will shift again as lifestyle needs evolve.

To adapt effectively and efficiently, you’ll need to track every vehicle and drop of fuel in your fleet.

Location, location, location

Make the most efficient use of your fleet vehicles and respond to potential shipments quickly. Know where each available vehicle is at any given time. Easily search for a specific address or point of interest to see which vehicles are closest. Plus, see who is operating that vehicle and their available hours of service. Use a vehicle tracking solution that integrates with popular Transportation Management Solution (TMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), document capture solutions, and supply chain visibility systems to extend your smart fleet management data. Browse our approved, vetted partners to see the possibilities.

Driver availability and HoS violations

The FMCSA’s Emergency Declaration applies only to certain items and supplies. Drivers who haul load types that don’t fulfill the requirements for exemption must still adhere to the ELD mandate and log their hours. Using a certified, well-rounded ELD solution that’s accessible through the same secure online portal as the rest of your smart fleet management solution makes it:

  • easier for drivers to digitally submit their records and update their status
  • easier for you to view their availability, real-time location and violations online

Know who’s available for upcoming trips, who has how many hours and who’s approaching violation so you can assign trips while protecting your fleet.

Real-world fuel efficiency

Whatever the price of gas, now’s still the time to make sure every drop counts. Check that your fuel tracking solution takes into account terrain, altitude, weather, routing, maintenance, aerodynamics and gearing to determine where you can save more.

  • Evaluate high-density data to plan efficient routes quickly.
  • See who’s idling, who’s being the most conscientious.
  • Identify gaps that waste fuel and consume unnecessary expenses.

When you have a moment, also download our complimentary whitepaper Keep Fuel Theft From Draining Your Bottom Line. Criminals are still taking advantage of vulnerable fleets; learn about some straightforward ways to protect yourself.

Detailed fleet health

You need each vehicle to be at its best right now. Spending time decoding diagnostic data takes time away from keeping up with business objectives. Look for a solution that offers an all make, all model, all component diagnostic software for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, regardless of manufacturer so you can easily access the information necessary to monitor and manage fleet health more effectively.

  • Clearly understand each vehicle’s overall health, regardless of make or model.
  • Determine the severity of each code and prioritize maintenance accordingly.
  • Receive recommended action plans based on input from ASE-certified technicians.

Equip drivers with free, efficient, digital tools.

Free Commercial Routing Assistance (CRA) tool

Using this free online tool, commercial drivers, operators and truckers can quickly plan and manage their trips across states in the event of a disaster, disruption or restriction, such as a shelter-in-place order. Visit the CRA landing page to learn more.

Back your fleet with real support.

Over the coming weeks (and possibly longer), your fleet will need help as you continue adapting to changing conditions. Your smart fleet management provider needs to offer care and support professionals who are there to help every minute of every day.

Is your smart fleet management solution keeping up?

These past couple of months have been tough. And more change is on the horizon. The phrase “new normal” means something different to everyone. For commercial fleets, it means making ends meet to keep the proverbial doors open. Your smart fleet management technology shouldn’t be the first thing on your mind, it should be flexible enough to help you adapt. If your current technology isn’t helping you stay nimble, talk to a professional about filing in the gaps. We’ll put you first, so you can put your fleet first.