Bridgestone Toolbox Touch

Bridgestone Toolbox Touch

Safety & Compliance


The Bridgestone Toolbox Touch app assists in maintaining tires among a fleet of vehicles through inspections and reports. The app provides users with the ability to perform inspections and save data related to tread depth, inflation and tire conditions.

The information collected during inspections is gathered into reports that analyze tire data in relation to the entire fleet. These reports generate trends that help users identify the overall lifespan of the tires and when to plan maintenance and replacements.


Key Features

  • Record tire depth and pressure with a Bluetooth-connected probe.
  • Get Immediate Action Reports on tires requiring maintenance.
  • Track tire data and compare against your fleet.
  • Evaluate the lifespan of your tires.
  • Input your own maintenance policies.


  • Increased productivity with tire maintenance.
  • Efficiently perform tire inspections.
  • Plan ahead on tire maintenance and replacement.
  • View data and reports directly on the Zonar tablet.